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Hippotherapy is a treatment tool that utilizes the movement of a horse during speech therapy. It promotes functional outcomes for speech, language and feeding development by organizing and integrating the sensory systems, as well as by improving core strength, trunk control and breath support. The horse’s walk provides input through movement, which is variable, rhythmic, and repetitive. In addition, children can be drawn to the beauty of these accepting animals and are motivated by the unique and enriching farm setting. 

Accent Modification

Effective communication is essential to everyday life, and one of the tricky things about navigating our beautifully diverse world is communicating clearly and effectively with others when their linguistic or cultural background differs significantly from our own. Often the cause of communication breakdown is not so much the language being spoken, but the accent (or patterns of speech production) of the person speaking it. Accent modification is a systematic approach to increasing a person’s ability to be understood through modifying their speech patterns.