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3 Calming Strategies

Occupational therapists help assist children with sensory regulation skills. Often, when children’s sensory input becomes over-stimulated they become upset and it may be hard to calm down and become regulated again. Here are a few examples of sensory calm-down strategies to get your child’s sensory input regulated.

Child playing in sensory bin containing beans.

Calming Tactile Input Take a sensory break using a box filled with sand, dry rice or dry beans and let kids run their hands through it. Hide little items in the box for the kids to find. Apply deep pressure by give hugs or use a weighted blanket/stuffed animal

Calming Auditory Input Play white noise or quiet calming music softly.

Calming Proprioceptive Input This provides stimulation to the muscles and joints that can be calming and organizing. Encourage your child to squeeze/squish play dough or a stress ball, pull against resistance bands, hold a heavy door open, or carry books.

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