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Going Places! 2024 

Introducing our 1st Annual Summer Camps

Just a hop, skip, and jump to a place that always seems to be sunny! Pam Manser & Associates - Where children enjoy a hands-on, multi-sensory experience with the benefit of group interaction and connection to make summer learning engaging and memorable. 

Through themes of camping, ocean adventures and space exploration, children in our EXPLORE summer camp study the world and beyond while enjoying enriching language learning.

Empower your pre-teen and teen with the tools they need to succeed socially and communicate more effectively. Enroll in our summer camp CONNECT for social skills development today and help them build a brighter, more connected future. 

Our REACH summer camp is designed to inspire children to higher levels of language arts competence by using books and teaching literacy skills to boost academic abilities.

****Join us in the summer, stay with us in the fall! Watch for continuation of these and other programs in the fall through our blossoming Support University. Support U, where we support YOU!


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