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Becky Pickering, Speech-Language Pathologist

Linnette Richards

Business/Program Development Manager

Linnette Richards, OTR/L, joined the practice in 2019 to share her business and clinical program expertise for expansion of our clinical and community programs.  Linnette has extensive experience managing and facilitating excellence in patient care and operational systems.

Linnette's paradigm of thought related to treatment approaches incorporates a multitude of neuromotor techniques including visual/vestibular integration to evolve learning in the correct hemisphere, neuro developmental handling to integrate sensory systems for reflex integration and motor development, myofascial release, and cranial sacral therapy. Her skillset is strong in both evidenced based and holistic practices to evaluate and address the whole child. Families and communities are our children’s strengths. She has an aptitude for drawing families into their child’s plan of care improving that child’s outcomes and ensuring a foundational skill set for motor planning for years to come.

Linnette takes an integrated approach and case manages the child-family socio-cultural dyads into each session for whole body learning and motor maturation.  She loves to teach her craft. Linnette is exploring certifications as a lactation counselor and breast feeding specialist to augment the feeding programs at Pam Manser & Associates.

In her leisure time Linnette enjoys yoga, horseback riding, and fishing.

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