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Going for a Walk

Daily routines are the perfect opportunities to target speech and fine motor skills. We can even practice these things while we are going for a walk!


Have you child imitate different kinds of animals and the way they walk. This can help:

  • Improve body and hand strength

  • Allow for weight bearing

  • Improve bilateral coordination

  • Improve following directions and motor planning

  • Improve spatial awareness


  • Practice animals’ names and sounds they make while walking like them.

  • Describe different plants and animals you see through identify their colors, shapes, sizes, textures, etc.

  • Identify actions you see around you (Birds flying, cars driving, kids playing, etc.)

  • Use categories by having your child find 3-5 objects to fit into categories (i.e. colors, animals, plants, cars, people)�-Identify and use prepositions during a game of I spy! Encourage your child to use propositions such as on top, in, below, next to, etc.

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